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Nourish brain, body & soul

Nourish your brain, body & soul. Transform and find your balance, energy, and happiness the natural way.

 Healing occurs not only on the physical or gross level, but also on more subtle levels too.

Who We Serve


Alō Holistic Wellness serves:

  • Individuals and couples dealing with fertility issues

  • Individuals and couples wanting to have the healthiest pregnancy & children possible

  • Brain injury survivors and their caregivers


All offerings

TBI Recovery

Traumatic brain injuries are invisible injuries that can be life changing for the person to whom it occurred and their loved ones.  Too often survivors for one reason or another, do not receive the care they need or deserve during their recovery.  That is where I come in.  I help to fill that gap and walk with you and your caregiver(s) on your healing journey. 

Reproductive Health & Birthwork

Reproductive health and birthwork is not just for women/birthing person, but also for the men/partner.  From infertility issues to postpartum care and education, there is support here for you wherever you are in your reproductive stage of life.  Doulas can make a significant difference in the outcomes of maternal-fetal health.

Health Coaching

Functional, integrative, holistic and bioindividual in nature, health and wellness coaching is a collaborative and client centered approach to becoming empowered and reclaiming your health. We are more than the sum of our parts. Health coaching acknowledges the roles that all areas in a person’s life play and the innate ability of the body to heal.


Commonly known as Doulas, Birthworkers, Birthkeepers, Reproductive Support Practitioners, and  Maternal Support Practitioners. Birthworkers provide emotional, physical, informational, and mental support to birthing people and their families and support system.  Support is provided throughout a person’s reproductive phase of life from fertility and preconception to postpartum and loss.


Herbalism is the art and science of using plants, fungi, and minerals to support health and wellness.  This can also include the use of some animal substances like ghee.  I tap into my education and knowledge from various plant medicine traditions from around the world- from Ayurveda to clinical Vitalist herbalism to help you heal and optimize your health.


Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  The aim of integrative and functional nutrition is not to just look at food as calories in and calories out, but rather to look at the root cause of of the imbalances and symptoms manifesting indoor life and address them.  Together we’ll look at the ecosystem of the body, identify “what’s going on in there”, what external factors are impacting you, and work resolve them.

Yoga & Strength

Movement of the body is another form of medicine.  It can be instrumental in healing traumas trapped in the body, finding balance, building strength, changing energy, balancing hormones, building connections in the brain, improving fertility, and relieving stress, anxiety, and depression.  It can be truly transformative.  Yoga and strength training are not just about moving your body into different shapes and lifting heavy objects, but mores about building resilience, strengthening the central nervous system, and the inner work- the soul work.

Work With Me

Whether you are seeking help and guidance with:

  • fertility and reproductive health issues  
  • preparing your body for a healthy baby
  • you want to have a healthy and empowered pregnancy
  • are looking to improve overall brain health
  • have sustained a traumatic brain injury and are looking for assistance in recovery  or
  • are looking to  optimize your health

I’m here to help you and walk alongside you in your  journey. 


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